How I Narrowly Survived Second Assassination Attempt On My Life— Activist Cries Out

Gwamnishu said he narrowly escaped from some men in police uniform and a van who wanted to gun him down.

Human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, says he has survived an assassination attempt on his life for the second time. 

According to him, the second attempt on his life happened in Asaba, the Delta State capital on Tuesday as he was driving on the highway, before Asaba International Airport.

He shared the video on his Facebook page saying he started filming them after he noticed they were on his trail in their van.

In the video, the men in police uniform pointed an AK-47 gun at him, but he swerved to the right side of the lane to avoid being killed by the attackers.

He also tasked the Delta State Police Command to find the people after his life.   

He wrote, “They pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. 

“Today I escaped an assassination attempt by some men dressed in black and driving a black Hilux vehicle with the inscription: Police’ (NIGERIA POLICE) fully armed with AK-47 rifle.

“This happened today at 1:40 pm before the Asaba International Airport. Immediately I noticed I was being trailed, I held my phone with my left hand and drove with my right hand.

“I don’t know who they are or who sent them. The Delta State Police should immediately fish them. This is the second assassination attempt. My time has not come.”

Source: Sahara Reporters.