Man Who Urinated In My Compound Assaulted Me For Complaining, Ogun Chiefs Shielding Him—Victim

Traditional chiefs in the community have been using their influence to shield the suspect from facing justice, describing their clique as well connected.

Aman identified as Bello Olatunji has been accused of urinating openly in a neighbour’s compound and beating up a female neighbour, Adefunke Olanrewaju for complaining about it, in Ogun State. 

The incident happened on May 25, 2021, at 3, Olanrewaju Avenue, Peaceland Estate, Ifesowapo, Lambe area of the state. 

But since the incident was reported at the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and Ajuwon Police Station, SaharaReporters learnt that traditional chiefs in the community have been using their influence to shield the suspect from facing justice, describing their clique as well connected. 

It was learnt that the Iyaloja of the community even went to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development after the matter was reported there, to truncate the course of justice. 

“We even reported to Ministry of Woman Affairs and Social Development in Abeokuta, the Iyaloja still went there again and said there is nothing we can do about the assault,” Adefunke said. 

Narrating the event, Adefunke said, “I was in my compound around 8 am when I saw a man, Bello Olatunji, from a welding workshop beside my house urinating in my compound, so I approached to caution him. 

“He started hurling abuses at me. I rebuked him for that and was about to go back to the water I was fetching when he slapped me and started punching me. He punched me several times. Before people could intervene, my nose had started bleeding. I reported the matter at Ajuwon Police Station and was referred to the hospital for first aid treatment and he footed the N4,500 bill. 

“Later, my dad called to tell me to withdraw the case because the landlords in our estate had been calling and begging him to drop the case. So, I did. My dad did that because he had not seen my pictures. I later had to send a petition letter to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta days after when he started bragging about that he intentionally beat me up because I was too proud. 

“I was invited to Abeokuta last week and an invitation letter was sent to him too. He then reported himself to the Baale’s palace so they could beg me. I was invited to a meeting at the Baale’s palace and the chiefs begged me to withdraw the case so we could settle it internally in the area and that he would foot the medical bills. I explained to them that I couldn’t and why told them why. I said he should appear in Abeokuta on the given date and time. 

“But one of the chiefs, the Iyaloja, said no police could arrest him if he did not appear. She said I should take the case to court if that’s what I wanted. She said they have connections in Abeokuta and that I would be the one to get tired after spending unnecessary cash on transport fare and that he wouldn’t even appear. Truly he didn’t go to Abeokuta; they are already trying to use their influence. 

“One of the chiefs said if it’s court case I want, I’ll meet them there, even if up to the Supreme Court. The chiefs, the man, and his wife have been spreading false information about me that I have had an ailment since I was a kid that makes me bleed from the nose. 

“They said he only slapped me but that I was trying to implicate him, which is a very big lie. I’ve been in the area for close to 20 years and I had never had issues with anyone. Everyone knows I’ve always been peaceful all these years. I really wish to get justice because I’ve not able to work since the incident happened, I’ve been staying indoors.” 

When called for his reaction, Olatunji said he had not honoured the invitation of the women affairs and social development ministry because he was ill. 

“But I will be there tomorrow. I have been unable to go there because I have been ill,” he said in Yoruba. 

Reacting to the alleged move by the chiefs in the community to shield him from facing justice, he said, “No, it is a lie. The chiefs are trying to settle the matter because the incident happened in the community and they don’t want any trouble. They are begging her and have told her that whatever she needs, they will give her. But she insists that she wants to take the matter to court. Everyone has been begging her, but she said she would take it to court. 

“I was urinating and initially, I didn’t know she was talking to me. She started saying the place was not a toilet. Then when I realised she was talking to me, she asked if I was blind for not seeing the place was not a toilet and deaf for not replying her. Then she moved closer to me and slapped me.

“So I said ‘you slapped me because you were talking to me, and I didn’t hear you’. That was how the fight started. My wristwatch hit her in the nose; that was why her nose was bleeding. The blood was coming from her nostrils; it was not because I punched her. The chiefs are not trying to shield me; I will go to the ministry tomorrow.”

Source: Sahara Reporters.