Governor Makinde Must Ensure Arrest Of My Son’s Killers— Mother Of Man Killed During Ibadan Mayhem

She accused the Chairman of PMS, Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi, aka Auxiliary of being behind the death of her son.

Alhaja Salimot Azeez, the mother of a 37-year-old man allegedly killed by members of Park Management System (PMS) at Iwo Road area, Ibadan on Wednesday, has demanded justice for her late son.

She explained that the family has visual evidence that the leader of motor parks in the state asked his ‘boys’ to attack traders in the complex.

Salmot, who spoke with reporters in Ibadan on Friday, described all her children as devoted Muslims.

Ramon Azeez and one other person were killed on Wednesday when members of PMS attacked Iwo Road complex. 

She identified those who stabbed her son to death as Eba, Eko, and Ridwan, asking the state government to arrest and prosecute them.

She said, “They used to defecate and smoke Indian hemp in my complex when I newly bought it. They have been using that place for motor park for years. 

“Former Commissioner of Police, Baba Adisa Bolanta intervened and resolved it that we should allow them to use a part of the entrance and I allowed them. Even our DPO (Divisional Police Officer) at that time, Ilori took photographs of the way commercial drivers were disturbing us to show to the Commissioner of Police and he resolved it for us.

“Even as I gave them space, they were not satisfied. The one (my son) they killed was a graduate. He graduated from Lead City University. My firstborn they are attempting to kill graduated from a school in London. He said he could not do the kind of job people are doing in London and that was why he came back home. 

“He had a shop where he wae selling phones in the complex. He was never a cultist. He was a phone dealer. I don’t know what I did to Auxiliary that made him kill my son. I don’t know what I did to him. He knows me and I usually give him something. I give him whatever he asks from me. This is a great loss. 

“A 37-year-old man was killed just like that. Government should help me to get those who killed my son. I want justice. I want to know the person that killed my son when he didn’t fight or drag anything with them.”

The elder brother of the late Ramon, who is also the manager of the said complex, Hammed Azeez while speaking on the incident, said he was the main target of the members of PMS who allegedly attacked his brother. 

He said, “I was the one they were after. If they were able to lay their hands on me that day, I wouldn’t have been here today. I don’t know why the man is still on the street now. 

“By now, he should be in remand. That man is a dangerous beast. I don’t know why the Oyo state government made an ex-convict a leader of a group tormenting and killing people. What kind of system are we running?”

Source: Sahara Reporters