Twitter Ban: Welcome To A Reloaded Version Of Dictator Buhari’s 1984, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

What is obvious now is that Nigeria is miles away from progress. The country breeds bad leaders and raises bad followers.

Nigeria is a country where its daily catalogue contains spilling of human blood, killings, rape and human slaughter. The pelvic girdle as a structure that holds the country has been damaged by nepotism and egocentricity by a man who turns deaf ears to people’s yearnings. 

Killings and kidnappings have been allowed to reign and made a lucrative business in Nigeria, with Sheikh Gumi a staunch advocate who campaigns for the sponsorship of “good bandits” against the bad ones.

The level of arrogance and impunity under Dictator Buhari’s regime is an affront. The Same regime, with its hostile policies and subjection of citizens to hardship and slavery, compounds matters by depriving them of their fundamental human rights of freedom of expression.

Unfortunately, the vagabonds in power, who are responsible for piloting the affairs of Nigeria, have a shallow mindset. They are always against citizens’ opinions. For instance, it is no longer news that the irresponsible tweet by dictator Buhari, which was rightly pulled down by Twitter, has generated a lot of controversies.

What is obvious now is that Nigeria is miles away from progress. The country breeds bad leaders and raises bad followers. 

How does the illegal ban on Twitter stop the ongoing killings throughout Nigeria?

In spite of the economy downturn, all dictator Buhari could do is to illegally ban Twitter in a country where he has failed to provide employment in his six miserable years in office despite the fact that thousands or millions of people earn their living through the medium.

Does the tyrant know how much Nigerians make from Twitter daily as their only source of income?

Dictator Buhari and his errand boy Lai Mohammed will not only kill businesses in Nigeria, they will make sure that they chase all the foreign investors out of the country with this militarised system of government under the guise of democracy.

The disconnection between leadership and the citizens is glaring. Over the years dictator Muhammadu Buhari has been silent about the incessant killings in the country. But suddenly got wild when his hate-filled tweet was removed upon violating Twitter’s policy.

A day after the hostile regime illegally banned Twitter, 88 people were slaughtered by terrorists who consistently disguise as “bandits“ in Danko Wassgu Local Government of Kebbi State where Nigeria’s controversial and grossly incompetent attorney-general hails.

Malami and Lai Mohammed are unconcerned about the court strike. Over two months now courts have been on strike, most citizens are unlawfully detained because of the selfishness of a selected few criminals.

It was interesting to note how dictator Buhari’s regime ignores terrorists and the speed with which they placed their illegal ban on Twitter. It was a moment to see where the chaotic regime’s priority lies.

 This was happening in the same country where Fulani terrorists have killed thousands of innocent people during the last six years of dictator Buhari’s shambolic reign.

Recall that Malami was accused of building a multi-million Naira mansion for his son and several other properties acquired upon his appointment into the Buhari regime.

Malami continues to live a flamboyant lifestyle which cannot not be justified by the measure of his official income. 

The same Malami, with heavy allegation of corruption hanging on his neck till date, had the temerity to issue illegal threats of prosecution against Twitter users, laws he hardly understands or knows anything about.

 In fact, which Law School did this man graduate from?

Malami refused to pay a condolence visit to the families of the 88 victims who died in his own state, but hastily constituted a committee over the so-called Twitter ban on the same day his people were being slaughtered like bush meat in his home state! 

Had he an idea about the law he claimed to have studied, he would have seen the futility and foolishness of all that he’s doing.

Nigerians should wake up from their slumber and know that majority of the people representing them at the National Assembly are not on their side. Only few, the rest are there to feed fat from our commonwealth.

By now the National Assembly should have called for an emergency meeting to deliberate against the Federal Government’s illegal ban on Twitter. They should have also opened deliberations to pass a vote of no confidence in the dictator.

A rope can’t be so long and not have where it’s pulled from. On June 12 Nigerians should come out en masse and demand for the scrapping of the fraudulent document called “Nigerian Constitution”. 

They should call for another national conference where all the ethnic groups will be involved and demand for devolution of power.

Source: Sahara Reporters.