I’m Fully For Yoruba Nation, Nigeria’s Breakup —Lagos Monarch

The traditional ruler stated that the country is damaged beyond repairs and fiscal democracy which has been provided as a solution is too late to redeem the destruction of Niger.

Amonarch in the Somolu-Bariga area of Lagos, Oba Gbolahan Timson says restructuring is no longer a remedy to Nigeria’s numerous problems. 

He identified the solution as the disintegration of the country along ethnic lines.

The traditional ruler stated that the country is damaged beyond repairs and fiscal democracy which has been provided as a solution is too late to redeem the destruction of Nigeria.

He also said the Oyo State-based rights activist, Sunday Igboho has just rewritten his name as one of Yoruba legends to be remembered in history because of his selfless efforts to realise the sovereignty of the Yoruba nation.

Timson disclosed this in a video on Monday while reacting to the massive supporters that Sunday Igboho had amassed within a short of period of time.

“Restructuring is too late. It’s no longer a solution. The nation is faulty beyond repairs. If it’s for me and my household, I support Sunday Igboho and other Yoruba agitators for self-determination of the Yoruba people to have the Oduduwa Republic. When they have been telling the Nigerian government about regional resource control and fiscal federalism, they didn’t heed the call,” Timson said.

The monarch, however, said that he would prefer that Yoruba people break away from Nigeria without war, while adding that the agitation for self-determination became so paramount to Igboho because some murderous Fulani herders killed his relative who had recently relocated to the country to invest in large scale farming.

“But, all I’m particular about is that we should not go to war. We should not carry arms to separate or secede. The reason why Igboho is hell-bent on the Oduduwa Republic was that the Fulani herdsmen killed his relative.

“His relative had made a fortune abroad and came to Nigeria to invest in large scale farming, but these criminal Fulani people killed him on his farm. There was no way such a heinous act would not trigger agitation. He believed if he didn’t take any action to separate the Yoruba people from these Fulani, this would continue,” he added.

The Oba further said that old legends in Yoruba folklore always won their battles but most of their setbacks came from betrayal from their own people, stressing that the Yoruba people should support Sunday Igboho.

He also said that one of the repercussions of such betrayal was the reason why Lisabi and Alaafin Aole cursed the Yoruba nation.

“And let me tell you, there is no way the modern history of Yoruba will be written now that Sunday Igboho will not be there because of his selfless service to rescue Yoruba people from modern slavery. Sunday Igboho can be likened to old brave Yoruba warlords like Lisabi, Ogendengbe of Kiriji War, Adubi, and others.

“Yoruba people from Egba betrayed Lisabi after he fought for them, and he cursed them. That was the reason for all these issues of Abiola and Shonekan, Awolowo and Ogundipe and the rest in modern politics. There would not be time for me to go deep into it.

“Sunday Igboho will succeed with this agitation he has started. There was no warrior in Yoruba that had a purpose that didn’t fulfil it but the obstacle was the curse placed on the Yoruba people due to the betrayal. So we just have to support him. He needs to succeed,” he said.

Source: Sahara Reporters.