US Election: Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Trump Campaign’s Appeal, Affirms Biden Won

Donald Trump

The Nevada Supreme Court on Tuesday night rejected President Donald Trump’s appeal to overturn the state’s election results, affirming President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 battleground.

According to Washington Post, the decision comes after a court ruled last week against the Trump campaign, stating that the president’s team was unable to prove that there were fraudulent results due to malfunctions with voting devices in the state.

In a 40-page order from the Nevada Supreme Court late Tuesday, the justices “affirmed” the decision from Russell and said the court would take no action.

The court found that the Trump campaign failed to identify “any unsupported factual findings” in Russell’s decision, with the state’s high court concluding that it had also “identified none.”

To prevail on this appeal, appellants must demonstrate the error of law, findings of fact not supported by substantial evidence or an abuse of discretion in the admission or rejection of evidence by the district court,” the order read. “We are not convinced they have done so.”

The ruling in Nevada concluded a day in which the US Supreme Court denied a last-minute attempt to overturn the results in Pennsylvania, landing one of the most significant blows to Trump ahead of the electoral college’s scheduled meeting Monday to certify the results for Biden.

The court’s brief order denying a requested injunction from Trump’s allies in Pennsylvania, where Biden won by more than 80,000 votes, did not include any reasoning, nor did it note any dissenting voices, reported The Washington Post’s Robert Barnes and Elise Viebeck. 
It came on the same day Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a sweeping complaint to the high court asking it to overturn the results in Pennsylvania, as well as in the swing states of Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The Trump campaign’s Nevada lawsuit included baseless allegations that more than 61,000 people voted twice or from out of state. Although Trump campaign lawyer Jesse R. Binnall said last week a “robust body of evidence” supported his claim that the state’s six electoral votes were “stolen” from the president, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford (D) had challenged Trump’s attorneys to present any evidence supporting the unfounded allegations.