Heartbreaks: 10 Nigerians recount their worst breakup experiences

How bad can a breakup get? Pretty bad if these stories are anything to go by.

So Twitter NG is buzzing with stories and stories of hearts being broken and everyone seems to have one sad story or two.

Toolz O.D@ToolzO said;

Everyone needs to go through a bad heartbreak at least once. Once you realise it didn’t kill you, you unlock some next level of strength and clarity for your next relationship. For me sha.

Anyway, here are 10 highlights from the ongoing conversation, that we absolutely can’t help but share:

1. This woman whose inner Celine Dion jumped out

Naza@cutyenina said; I made several videos of myself crying & singing different songs & sent it to him..


. I was blocked from that moment till today.

2. And this sis who became an evangelist

Anike Fawole@TheNickiFey said; Sis! At some point I was out in the streets evangelizing to people. Haa! I entered Steven Furtick & Elevation Church’s DM asking for helppp


they were sending me hearts


3. Wow. Just wow.

eddy@ediological said; My first heartbreak was this girl that begged me to leave my place temporarily because her father was coming to visit her from the east and she had been lying to him that she had her own place. So I left my place lovingly. Not knowing she was bringing her real boyfriend.

4 Omo, just fear Nigerian women

Fiyin Adeniyi@thefiyin said; When I was in school, I got a heartbreak from someone who was in my choir. I was the Music Director for God sake. I dey cry when she dey lead Worship that year


Her: “Nobody can love me like Jesus


” Me: I wanted to love you like Jesus oh


4. Screamingggg

Bola Agbaje@bolaagbaje said; I was so heartbroken once I called him crying and cringed my popcorn packet and asked him if he could hear my heart shattering into pieces.

5. This is sad and hilarious at the same time

Sev@Sevynsinclair said; The maddest thing heartbreak has made me do is dm his ex for moral support


we weren’t even friends. I asked her how she got through breaking up with him