I Accept Court Judgment In Good Faith, Oshiomhole Says After Removal As APC Chairman

Adams Oshiomhole has said that he has accepted the judgment of the Appeal Court that upheld his suspension as National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress  in good faith, adding that he will seek the advice of his lawyer on the next line of action.

He said, “All my life has been that of struggle. People always oppress me, harass me and the court has always come to my aid even my being governor is courtesy of the court.

“So the judgment, I accept it in good faith and my lawyers will advise having studied the judgment what will be the next line of action.

“In our democracy, the court is an independent arm of government. When they hand out judgment, it is not for you to choose weither to obey or not.

“I accept their judgment in good faith, I am a product of judiciary.”

While reacting to the announcement made by the Deputy Secretary of the APC, Victor Giadom, who declared himself as Acting Chairman, Oshiomhole said the court order did not suspend the National Working Committee and constitution of the party and whatever decision taken by them would stand.

He maintained that Giadom had no power to upturn the report of the screening committee on Edo State, which had been accepted by the NWC.

He said it is obvious that some people were determined to worsen the crisis in the party to perpetrate their own agenda.

He said, “The Court of Appeal did not suspend the NWC and constitution of the party.

“As I was told and read in the media, about 16 out of 20 members of NWC took some decisions to ensure that all attempt to scuttle the forthcoming primary in Edo was not successful.

“They went ahead to appoint primary election committee that will conduct the election and ensure that it is done creditably.

“They appointed a governor to chair the panel as the returning officer with other eminent members of the party that have been given that assignment by the NWC today.

“I was not there because of the court order I have to stay away.

“But my advise to my brother is about common sense. If the chairman is absent, it should be deputy chairman. In the absence of deputy chairman, it is the vice chairman. How does a deputy secretary come in. As we speak, we have a secretary working late hours to ensure that the secretariat functions.

“I think that my brother, Victor Giadom, want to take our party to Rivers State where they created so much problems.”