Suspect In Nigerian-American Activist Toyin Salau’s Murder Was Bailed June 1 For Assault

The suspect in the Florida killings of a teenage Black Lives Matter campaigner and a woman she met at a recent rally was out on bail for a vicious assault on another woman days earlier, according to reports.

Aaron Glee Jr., 49, was busted Sunday in Orlando after the bodies of missing activists Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, and Victoria Sims, 75, were found at a home he rented in Tallahassee, police confirmed.

Salau recently spoke at a George Floyd rally in Tallahassee where she met Sims — who was also a well-known campaigner, both for local democratic politics and supporting AARP, the Tallahassee Democrat said.

After Glee’s arrest, it emerged he had a lengthy rap sheet — with his last bust for battery on June 9, three days after Salau was already reported missing, the Tallahassee Democrat said in a report by New York Post.

Even then, he was already out on bail for allegedly kicking a woman in the stomach after she refused to have sex with him, the paper said, citing police reports of the May 29 arrest.

“She told him no, so Glee became angry, shoved (her) to the ground and began kicking her in the abdomen,” the paper quoted the police report as saying. The victim was neither Salau nor Sims, the paper stressed.

Glee was charged with misdemeanour assault and released on bail on June 1, Fox 13 reported, citing court records.

The hunt for Salau, who was also known as Toyin, had been sparked in part by an alarming series of tweets she wrote about a middle-aged man assaulting her after offering her a ride and a place to sleep.

But police insisted Tuesday that there is “no indication” that that was the same man whom officers “ultimately found to be responsible for her murder.”

After Sims was reported missing, her home was found “ransacked and burglarized and her vehicle was missing,” the department revealed.

Glee had already fled to Orlando on a bus before his arrest in the early hours Sunday, cops said.

“Based upon evidence recovered at the scene and information gleaned in Orlando, Glee was charged with murder and kidnapping,” the force said in a statement.

Glee is being held without bond on charges of murder and kidnapping, police said.

“Our hearts are with the victims’ families as they grieve,” the Tallahassee police department said Tuesday in a statement.

“We would like to extend our deepest condolences to their families and all those who knew them through their volunteer work. Each woman was passionate about improving the lives of others.”