Group Calls For The Arrest of Governor’s Aide Over Lynching Of Witches In Cross River

Thomas Obi Tawo (General Iron) Photo Credit: Opinion Nigeria

A group, Advocacy for Alleged Witches, has called for the arrest and prosecution of Thomas Obi Tawo (AKA General Iron), an adviser to the Cross River State Governor, for allegedly masterminding the lynching of some suspected witches and wizards in the state.

The group disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday by its Chief Executive Officer, Leo Igwe.

It urged the state government to take measures to stop jungle justice where suspected witches and wizards are set ablaze.

The statement read “The attention of AFAW has been drawn to an incident of witch persecution in Cross River State. In this case, a local mob lynched the alleged witches. Some of the victims have died while others are in the hospital nursing their wounds. 

“The unfortunate incident took place in Boki LGA in Central Cross River State. At least a dozen persons, mostly women who were alleged to be witches and wizards, were set ablaze at the instance of an adviser to the state governor who hails from that area. This adviser has been identified as Thomas Obi Tawo (aka General Iron). This incident happened on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.”

The group stated that the allegations of witchcraft, including persecution and killing of children, are widespread in the state.

It said perpetrators of jungle justice operate with impunity in the area.