Yobe Records 741 ‘Mysterious’ Deaths In A Month

There are huge concerns among residents that such deaths may be connected to Coronavirus.

People in Potiskum, Gashua and Nguru, three major towns in Yobe State, have continued to express concern over rising number of what is described as ‘mysterious’ deaths. 

There are huge concerns among residents that such deaths may be connected to Coronavirus.

At least 741 people were reported dead in one month, with more deaths recorded on daily basis. 

A resident of Nguru told SaharaReporters that at least 12 people were buried daily in recent weeks.

In Gashua, the graveyard had been witnessing massive expansion on daily basis as a result of sudden and frequent deaths.

Despite this, Yobe State Government officials have been claiming that the massive deaths were as a result of malaria and other seasonal ailments. 

State officials, politicians and state-controlled social media groups have unveiled a massive propaganda to divert attention from the suspected possible community transmission of Coronavirus in some parts of the state. 

The plan includes attacking those, who use any platform to ask for thorough investigation on daily loss of lives in the state. 

SaharaReporters confirmed that those, who show symptoms of Coronavirus, never get their sample taken and mostly left at emergency sections of hospitals till they died. 

The sudden death of the ambulance driver of Gashua General Hospital escalated fear both in the hospital and in the town.

A visit to the hospital also shows that there is no plan on the ground and no ambulance on standby to convey those in critical condition to the right place to prevent the spread of the dreadful disease. 

“Many people within and outside Yobe State have been stunned by total lack of competence and gross failure of Yobe State Government and the committee handling COVID-19 in the state,” said a resident of Potiskum, who craved anonymity.

Sahara reporters