‘Rapture hasn’t taken place yet’ – OAP, Daddy Freeze schools Nigerians on why 5G isn’t Antichrist

Popular but controversial Nigerian On-Air Personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has taken out time to school Nigerians on why he thinks and believes the 5G network isn’t Antichrist.

Taking to his official page on Instagram, the 43-year-old radio talk show host hinged his argument on the existing popular doctrinal hypotheses; the pre-tribulation rapture which according to him presumes that “rapture occurs before tribulation”, and the post-tribulation rapture, which he says is a school of thought that believes “rapture would occur after tribulation.”

Writing further, he took sides with the pre-tribulation rapture because he feels it has more scriptural integrity.

Schooling Nigerians on why he thinks 5G network has no links with Antichrist, he made biblical reference to where scriptures made it clear in Revelation 13:18 that two things must happen before the “mark of the beast”, which are; “the tribulation, the rapture, or both.”

While reminding Nigerians that none of the above has happened yet, he asked that they should rest and worry about making the rapture by having their names in the book of the lamb, or preparing themselves for the tribulation.

Below is the post he shared Instagramsm;