COVID-19: Nigeria’s Jerry Mallo Manufactures Ventilators To Help Poor In Africa

Jerry Isaac Mallo, a Nigerian engineer and entrepreneur has started manufacturing ventilators from locally available materials. 

Mr Mallo who first caught the world’s attention when he manufactured Nigeria’s first ‘carbon fibre’ sports car, said in a interview posted on social media that his latest invention is not only something to fit into the times, but a work aimed at alleviating the pains of the masses.

Mallo who is still in his late 20s, is the CEO of Bennie Technologies LTD, noted in a post via Twitter that he is inspired to save lives using his technological skills.

He said his machine design, fabrication and manufacturing company saw the need to venture into production of ventilators because African countries are suffering to purchase the medical equipment which has become rather too expensive.

According to Mallo, it became a priority for his company seeing that many African countries cannot afford to get ventilators to fight COVID-19, and those who have the funds cannot get due to the shortage in supply.

Mallo who in a video post on Twitter showed the operations of his ventilators stated that the Plateau State Government supported his firm in coming up with a prototype.

He however, noted that coming up with the prototype was not enough.

According to Mallo, his team needed a medical crew to scrutinize the functionality of the ventilator they had made.

A clinical test was eventually carried out and it was verified that Mallo’s invention could be put to use if improved upon.

In his appeal, the young engineer stated that if his firm has everything needed in place, “Nigeria will be a proud manufacturer of its own ventilators.