Don’t Settle For Someone Who Makes You Compromise Yourself

Do not ever settle for someone half-hearted about wanting to be with you or someone who’s just there when things are fun. What about those times when you feel weak and you need someone to be your strength? You need someone who can be a pillow and a rock for you.

Do not ever settle for someone who tries to hide you. A real deal is someone who introduces you to his friends and family, someone who’s proud to have you. You don’t deserve to be kept hidden as a secret.

Do not ever settle for someone who doesn’t make the effort to work on the relationship or someone who slacks, thinking you’ll do all the work. Relationships work both ways. Each one has their own role to make it last.

Do not ever settle for someone who makes your life miserable instead of bringing happiness to it. Being toxic isn’t healthy. It drains you, it makes you overthink, and it damages your soul more than you realize. It’s a tough world. You need to look after your whole being to survive.

Do not ever settle for someone who doesn’t help you grow. Personal growth is essential. Pursuing your dreams is necessary. That’s what makes your life worth living. Avoid being with someone who doesn’t encourage you, who doesn’t push you to become the person that you really want to be. Because the right one will lift you up when you feel discouraged. They will not stand in the way of you reaching your goals. In fact, they will support you in any way because your happiness equals their happiness. And your success equals their success. Be with someone who also strives to win in life because they want to be deserving of you.

Do not ever settle for someone who doesn’t make you want to be a better version of yourself. We all have flaws, and no one is perfect. But it’s important to be with someone who inspires you to be a kinder, healthier, and a better person each day.

Do not compromise your values, aspirations, and who you are as a person just to be with someone who makes you feel less. Choose someone who inspires you, encourages you, lifts you up, and most of all, who chooses to be with you in all seasons. Your wellbeing should always be your priority. Do not ever settle for less.

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