Mental Health and A Manifesto for Kindness

Tee Jay Dan

By Tee Jay Dan

I have battled with this thing since I was a child. Low and high energies. I am feeling high and jumping around this minute then I am calm and wanting to be all by myself the next minute. It is a struggle that is still on.

I have been in and out of therapy. I have come to identify some triggers. There are things that once I allow to happen, will hurt my mental wellbeing eventually. One of them is loving people and accepting them into my circle. Once I accept you, I lose the ability to draw clear boundaries, I love you without holding back. And then, I become a totally different person than I am to others. That is when you and your action(s) can hurt me. And I am not just talking boyfriend and girlfriend kind of love.

We are all human beings experiencing life for the first time. Only love and kindness will make this journey easier and better. But, I have learned to take care of myself first. I am learning to reduce the power that I’ve assigned to those that I love over me.

For anyone battling with any form of mental illness, I hope you identify ways to heal. And if you are in need of professional help, let me know. One of the things that we do at Praxis is to connect creatives to practicing psychiatrists all over the country. So you can reach out to Praxis at anytime to get connected to a mental health expert near you.

I am sending you love.

Tee Jay Dan is the MD/CEO at Box Office Studios and Founder at Praxis Magazine Online