Ex-NDDC MDs, Brambaifa, Ekere Indicted In $16m Fraud As United States Arrests Nigerian Soldier, Wife

Photo Credit: The Source Magazine

Brigadier-General Charles Nengite, a top-ranked soldier in the Nigerian Army, as well as his wife, has been arrested by the authorities of the United States of America for an unexplained $16m found in the wife’s account.

Former Managing Directors of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Nsima Ekere and Nelson Brambaifa, were indicted in slush funds as they both facilitated how Nengite laundered money from the commission through contracts awarded to him.

It was reported that between 2016 and 2019, Nengite was drafted to the NDDC where he allegedly benefitted from billions of naira in contracts while there.

It was gathered that Ekere and Brambaifa ensured that he had more than enough.

“At the end of it all, he had accumulated so much that $11m was discovered in his wife’s US account,” it was reported.

“Shocked by the amount of money in the wife’s account, American authorities reportedly wondered how she could amass such wealth and invited her for questioning but she could not explain the millions of dollars in her account.

“They US authorities got across to their Nigerian counterparts who invited Charles Nengite.

“The officer is presently cooling his heels with security operatives while the EFCC has been drafted in to investigate the money laundering case as part of the general probe of the NDDC,” the report says.