Cristiano Ronaldo: I no longer have to prove anything to anyone


Cristiano Ronaldo has stressed that after having won numerous trophies and individual accolades, he has nothing more to prove.

The Juventus forward also explained that after everything he has achieved, this is the moment for him to enjoy himself.

“There are no secrets or miracles,” Cristiano said in the Globe Soccer Awards event.

“It’s not a coincidence that I have won in all the places where I have been.

“When you are a champion, you always win.

“Without much work, without dedication and passion for what you do, you can’t get everything; trophies, records and statistics.

“But the most important thing is to always keep the motivation to maintain this high level.

“I no longer have to prove anything to anyone but myself and my family. Now I have to enjoy this.”

Cristiano acknowledged that his career is coming to an end and he revealed some of the plans that he has for after hanging his boots.

“In my life I always try to learn, educate myself and train myself in what interests me,” he added.

“There is life after football. Winning a Champions League will not make me happier, though of course I want to win it.

“But I am preparing for a new life in which I want to participate in new things, [such as] improving my English, making a movie in Hollywood…

“And for that you have to leave your comfort zone, learn more and more and challenge yourself, something that I love.

“And, of course, surround yourself with intelligent people.”

The Portuguese has been hailed over the years by teammates and coaches for his dedication to training and he explained how he finds the balance between football and his personal life.

“There is time for everything; the day has 24 hours and you can train, rest, be with family and friends, enjoy yourself…” Cristiano noted.

“You have to find a balance; it is not just training and training.

“When you see that the body does not have the same capacity to respond to what the head orders, you have to know how to deal with that and face it.

“There are so many things to learn, but the most important thing is to always feel motivated.”