76 Killed, 90 Injured In Mogadishu Bomb Attack

Photo Credit: RFI

No less than 76 persons have been confirmed dead from the high-impact blast that struck Mogadishu on Saturday morning, AFP reported.

Director of private Aamin ambulance service, Abdukadir Abdirahman Haji, informed the news agency that his company has confirmed 76 dead and 70 injured.

“The number of casualties we have confirmed is 76 dead and 70 wounded, it could still be higher.”

However, the mayor of the Somali capital, Omar Mohamud Mohamed, informed a press conference that 90 persons had been injured and the number of dead are still on the rise.

“We will confirm the exact number of the dead later but it is not going to be small, most of the dead were innocent university students and other civilians,” he said.

Added to the high number of students, who died in the incident, are two Turkish nationals presumed to be road construction workers.

“We have confirmed that two Turkish nationals, presumably road construction engineers, are among the dead, we don’t have details about whether they were passing by the area or stayed in the area,” Ibrahim Mohammed said.

No militant group has taken responsibility for the attack.

This is the deadliest terror strike on the capital of the Somalia in two years.

Mogadishu is, however, no stranger to car bombs and sieges on public buildings. Most of them are carried out by Al-Shabaab Islamist extremist group.