Supreme Court judgement: APC, PDP trade words over plan to stampede judiciary

The Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has claimed to have uncovered alleged plans by Governor Seyi Makinde and the Peoples Democratic Party in the state to heat up the polity with a view to stampeding the judiciary and whipping up undue sentiments.

DAILY POST recalls that a Federal Court of Appeal in Ibadan recently set aside the election petition tribunal judgment which upheld the declaration of Makinde as the winner of the March 9th governorship election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The APC candidate, Adebayo Adelabu, had approached the Supreme Court for final determination of the case with a view to claim his mandate.

But, the APC in a statement issued in Ibadan and made available to DAILY POST by its Assistant Publicity Secretary, Prince Ayobami Adejumo, raised the alarm that it had uncovered plans by the Makinde camp to embark on sponsorship of street protests, media write-ups and broadcast media content which would be aimed at creating an overwhelming impression that Makinde won a free and fair mandate and any attempt by the Judiciary to act on its findings would spark public unrest in the state.

“In demonstration of their desperation to hold on to a stolen mandate, Gov. Makinde and his lackeys have concluded plans to devote enormous resources of the state to certain activities aimed at misleading the Supreme Court over the all-important case before it. In fact, the arrow head of the plot is a turncoat currently serving in the PDP government and who is popular for constituting a nuisance in the mass media at any given opportunity.

“Feelers from the Agodi Government House have it that different groups of unscrupulous elements in the society are already lined up for sponsored protests to be carried out consistently in Abuja and Ibadan any moment from now until the day of the judgment which they know would not be in their favour on account of the reality of the electoral fraud which earned them the fake mandate they currently enjoy.

“Also, we are aware of a secret meeting held recently at a private location in the state capital in which some media practitioners in Lagos and Ibadan were contracted, with heavy sums, to influence media content of their respective print and broadcast organizations with a view to set a satanic agenda for the general public and possibly mislead the Judiciary again.

“The unprofessional conduct of some radio and television presenters which clearly showed and still shows their unbridled interest in the politics of the land is being leveraged upon by some power mongers to secure unmerited sympathy from unsuspecting members of the public. This time again, the PDP government of Engr. Makinde has raised his game in the area of comprising the bad eggs and use them against the overall good of the society.

“At this juncture, we are appealing the management of all the print and broadcast organizations in the country to always demand accountability, fairness and objectivity from their employees as this would not only enhance public trust and confidence on their outfits but also position them right for posterity. No biased correspondent, editor or broadcast programme present is worth being called a professional since his or her conduct is devoid of the basic principle of mass media practice,” he said.

However, the PDP while reacting to the allegations, described APC in the state as a bunch of desperate politicians who were afraid of their shadows.

Publicity Secretary of the party, Akeem Olatunji, said that the election petition filed against the resounding victory of Governor Seyi Makinde at the March 9, 2019 governorship election was doomed to fail, being a bad case ab initio.

“They know that they have no case, but being characters who are not ashamed of telling lies in the open, they are attempting to deceive the fickle-minded and the unsuspecting persons. But they have a bad case from the outset. They indeed have no case, we all know. Even their candidate knows he is in a wide goose chase.

“In line with the world of fantasy the APC in Oyo has created for itself, it has been going about peddling all sorts of rumour, half-truths and outright lies in the media. They have been conjuring claims that the PDP and Governor Seyi Makinde were priming persons to embark on street protests and media campaigns.

“Let us put it on record that the truth cannot be coloured no matter how hard you try and so Governor Seyi Makinde needs not engineer street protests to justify his acceptance by the people of Oyo State. He, has, rather than encourage street protests, been calming down the people all these days so as to ensure peace continues to reign in the state.

“Let it be known that the anger of the people of Oyo is against the APC and its leaders in the state. They are trying to insult our people who massively for the Governor in the governorship election in March. The people are really angry with their media posturing. They have Governor Seyi Makinde to thank for guaranteeing that they can freely workaround in the state; being a man who plays politics without bitterness. Let them not stretch their luck too far because our people are watching,” he declared.

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