Fulani youths send fresh demand to Buhari govt

Alhaji Saudi Maikano-Adamu, National President of Fulani Youths Association, has called on the Federal Government to boost nomadic education in the country.

Maikano-Adamu made the call while briefing newsmen at Mister Ali, near Jos, on Wednesday.

According to him, nomadic education is near absent in most of the states of the federation.

“We want peace to prevail among herders and farmers in our communities across the nation and Nomadic education will help in achieving that.

“Education is not only the bedrock of any developing nation but the antidote to peaceful coexistence amongst the citizens, irrespective of religious or tribal differences.

“This is why we as members of Jonde Jam association are appealing to the Federal and state governments to revive the comatose nomadic education to educate our Fulani brothers and sisters on the importance of peaceful coexistence,” he said.

The national president, then, called all stakeholders to preach peace in all communities for the nation to achieve the desired growth and development.

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