Adoption of NIN can curb exam malpractice – NIMC

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) says the adoption of the National Identification Number (NIN) as criteria for all examinations in the country will tackle malpractices such as impersonation and promote transparency.

Hadiza Dagabana, NIMC General Manger Legal Service, made the suggestion in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

She said although registration for NIN has already started at the Primary School level of education across the country, it should be encouraged to further enhance confidence in the nation’s examination system.

According to her, doing so will help to stop impersonation, adding that registration processes for NIN should become mandatory before enrollment for public examinations.

So, in the case of JAMB there are issues, there are impersonation and they were looking at way to remedy those issues and mitigate those issues.

“The only way you can identify a person sitting for JAMB examination, is with his identification number issued by JAMB.

“The communication is before you go and register for JAMB make sure you have your national identification number (NIN) because that is what will identify you.

“And you know the beauty of that is the moment JAMB and all other educational stakeholders meet and decide to use NIN that means from that period up to the time you get your any certificate in your life that NIN will be attached to you

“So, if you get your ID that is what will tie you to all the things you do in your life.

“For those categories of persons under 16 we tie their enrollment because their biometrics is not yet fully formed with the identity of their parent or guardian.

“It is only that when you fully reach 16 years, you come back and your finger prints are taken.

“But any Identity card you get from day one if you are going today and you are taken to register, we register you it is that ID for life.”

According to her, your NIN must be attached to whatever certificate you get; then if you have your ID-card, it will to be tied to everything you do as Nigerian.

Dagabana decried inadequate investment in the operations of the Commission, and therefore, urged the Federal Government to prioritise identity management to achieve the desired goals (NAN)