Nigerians Call For Boycott Of MTN, Shoprite, DSTV over the killings in South Africa

The call was made following the latest vicious attacks on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa.

Nigerians on social media have called on other compatriots to boycott South African products and services in Nigeria.

The call was made following the latest vicious attacks on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa.

The attack, which occurred on Sunday, saw a group of violent South Africans suspected to be Zulu hostel dwellers besiege Jules Street in Malvern, Johannesburg loot and burn businesses.

Nigerians on Twitter reacting to the attack said Nigerians must boycott MTN, Shoprite, and DSTV to force the South African government to stop the killings.

Usifo @Usifo_Isesele said, “Citizens are being slaughtered in droves in Nigeria. The government that took an oath to protect us turns a blind eye. Then we expect South African government to protect us? Or shoprite and MTN? How does that work if we’re being honest?

Chidey @chidey_official said, “The South African ambassador in Nigeria should be expelled from this country immediately. His silence suggests he’s an accomplice

DSTV, MTN, Shoprite all thriving in Nigeria, but these niggas be burning our brothers’ business every single day. What exactly is the fuck?!?”

Joseph Besties.Uche Oluwaseun @FreakyJoe007 said, “Why can’t we Nigerians boycott @MTNNG @Shoprite_NG @MultiChoiceGRP just to pass a message to the @GovernmentZA on this #XenophobicAttacks. Two wrongs don’t make a right we all know but their government sees this happening and can’t do jack. And our government as well.”

Danshavin @danshavin92 said, “This is so wrong….. All we need to do is close down a few of S/A companies in NIGERIA and let’s see what happens. @multichoice @MTNNG @Shoprite_NG Call your people to order.”

Idris Abdul @holyentgold said, “@MTNNG @Shoprite_NG @DStvNg please go back to your country our people are dying in your country if @NGRSenate @APCNigeria @NigeriaGov @nassnigeria cannot do anything about the killing I think we Nigerians should stop this #XenophobicAttacks from lazy @SouthAfrica demons.”

Atikulated Ble @Blessin13395243 said, “I am calling on all Nigerians to migrate from MTN to another network. All Nigerians should stop shopping from ShopRite to other shopping mall let’s start with that. #stopkillingnigerians.”

HENRY #BBNaija @onos_147 said, “South Africans also own Shoprite, MTN, PEP, SAB Miller, Eskom & Protea Hotels, among other business interests in Nigeria. The South African govt needs to be issued a definite ultimatum to fix this madness. The killing of Nigerians in SA must stop! #EnoughIsEnough  #Xenophobia.”

Some Nigerians, however, noted that the Nigerian government should be held responsible for the killings.

fred_rick @Fredric30344436 said, “#xenophobia south Africans killing Nigerians is quite appalling but boycotting ShopRite, MTN, and wat ever isn’t d way it really doesn’t make us better than them.

“I don’t think it makes sense to Start calling for boycott of all South African business in Nigeria. All we need to do is call our @NigeriaGov to spring into action by meeting the #SA government to call their people to order. Nigerians works at @MTNNG @DStvNg @Shoprite_NG.”