Hong Kong police arrested prominent pro-democracy activists

Hong Kong police arrested prominent pro-democracy activists as mass protests in the semi-autonomous region stretch into their 13th week.

Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, activists who gained prominence during the pro-democracy umbrella movement that rocked Hong Kong in 2014, were arrested Friday morning, the protest organization Demosisto said.

Wong, secretary general of Demosisto, was arrested while walking to a subway station and Chow was taken into custody at her home.

“Wong was forcefully pushed into a private minivan on the street in broad daylight,” the group said via Twitter. “Our lawyers following the case now.”

Both were taken to police headquarters in Wan Chai, Demosisto said.

They were detained for allegedly inciting, organizing and participating in an unauthorized assembly June 21 out front of the police headquarters, the group said in a Facebook post.

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