Amaechi declares free transport services for ministry staff

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has pledged free transport services for staff members and management of the ministry to help reduce the challenges they face in the discharge of their duties.

Speaking at an interactive section with the staff members, he said, “Knowing the background I come from, I felt that you people are spending more money on transport to work and I am surprised that they collect money from you in those buses.”

He, therefore, directed the Permanent Secretary to ensure the bus services are free of charge henceforth, adding: “We will increase the number of staff buses, fuel and maintain them ourselves.”

Amaechi also assured that to improve service delivery, training and retraining of staff personnel would be prioritised.

“We would devise a means of training and retraining our staff, be it locally or internationally, and it will be according to our resources,” he said.