R Kelly crisis manager resigns, claims singer suicidal

R. Kelly is suicidal, his own crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, said. After this statement, however, Johnson resigned for personal reasons.

In a text to CNN, Johnson said that he’s stepping down as R. Kelly’s crisis manager and that the artist will be in good hands with his attorney, Steve Greenberg.

On his part, the attorney released a statement to CNN expressing his gratitude for the crisis manager’s tireless assistance and hopes that Johnson would return.

“He shares our confidence that this is an unprecedented assault against R. Kelly by others, for their own personal gain, and in the innocence of R. Kelly,” Greenberg’s statement read.

Before Johnson announced his resignation, however, he first appeared on “CBS This Morning” with Gayle King, where he shared a lot about the artist. His support is obviously and completely for R. Kelly.

In this interview, he shared that he’s immensely worried about Kelly, describing him as being a mess at present.

What is alarming is that he also said that Kelly is now scared, isolated and suicidal. However, he did imply that he would never leave his own daughter with Kelly since he’s being accused of being a pedophile.

King tried to get him to say Kelly’s name. “I would not leave my daughter with anyone that’s accused of being a pedophile. I would not,” was the only reply she got. This implies that Johnson is still protecting his client.

King wanted to know if the crisis manager is truly supporting his client when many girls already came out stating a relatively similar story against Kelly.

“I came on seven months ago,” Johnson explained. “I walked into a front door, and I seen Mr. Kelly being a normal person.”

While Johnson’s continued support and worry for his client could be annoying for some, his descriptions of Kelly’s current state could not be that farfetched.

After all, Kelly is currently being held without a bond in Chicago, as reported by People. He has also been ordered to remain in custody as he travels to New York, where he will be facing more charges, this time of child abuse against underage girls.

Faced with all these allegations and cases, it would not be surprising for him to feel overwhelmed and on the brink of anxiety.

It can be recalled that on July 11, he was arrested on several federal charges, including child pornography.