Ecobank under fire over sack of workers

Organized labour on Thursday stormed the Victoria Island headquarters of Ecobank Plc to protest the alleged sack of workers.

They accused the management of the bank of sacking 1000 workers without paying commensurate benefits.

Those relieved of their duties accused the management of the bank of unfair labour practice; such as unfriendly environment, victimization of outsource staff by core staff, among others.

The workers also complained about having to work weekends, while retrenchment of staff goes on without adequate consultation with unions.

“We will continue to protest until our demands are met”, on of them stated.

Ecobank had said it did not renew the contract from its third party recruitment agencies and returned those categories of personnel to the recruitment agencies.

It added that some palliatives were in place to cushion the effects on those affected.