Flash Flood kills 9-year old girl in Asaba

A flash flood resulting from heavy downpour has killed a nine-year old girl in Asaba, capital of Delta state.

The girl who was playing along with her friend during the rain was swept away by the high current of the flood at Idegbe Ocha, Okpanam Community near Asaba.

The victim was seized by the devastating flood at Okpanam town and dragged in the drainage on the dualised Okpanam-Asaba road before depositing the body at the Redeemed Junction.

Besides the 9 year girl, the flood also swept away a middle-aged man who fell into the flood waters during the downpour.

The male victim, simply identified as Hassan, fell into the ditch-filled running water at Akpu junction, opposite the Legislative Quarters along Okpanam road.

The account of the deceased playmate reveals what led to her untimely death but family questioned the lack of coherence in her story

As the rains continue, children are asked to take note of the danger associated with flooding especially the torrential ones witnessed in Asaba