CAN asks FG to heed Obasanjo on fulanisation agenda

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), His Eminence, Rev. Dr. Samson Ayokunle, has called on the Federal Government to listen to Obasanjo’s recent warning about West African Fulanisation and African Islamisation agenda.

In a statement, yesterday, in Abuja, Ayokunle said Obasanjo sacrificed a lot to make Nigeria one and great, and therefore, deserved respect, while his pronouncements should be taken seriously.

He said: “The truth is evident for those who care to see the danger of Obasanjo’s warning, except those who are either part of the agenda or are just being mischievous. The likes of Obasanjo are treated as honourable statesmen and institutions in developed nations. But here, we abuse former leaders and pour venom on them, whenever their thoughts are critical of government’s actions or policies. This is not only unfortunate, but exposes us as a people that have lost moral values…

“When the perceived genocide started in Southern Kaduna, how many suspected herdsmen involved in the barbaric attacks were arrested? How many of them have been detained and prosecuted? How many guns have been recovered from them?

“Instead, in Adamawa State, five Christian young men were arrested, tried and sentenced to death for allegedly killing a herd boy. While we are totally against killing of any human being, we question the promptness with which the suspects were arrested by the Police. Why can’t they use the same expertise to arrest rampaging herdsmen? While guns owned illegally by herdsmen were not recovered from them, government instead directed that those who are licensed to hold guns should submit them…

“If government is not aware or is not interested in the Fulanisation agenda, the way and manner it has been handling the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, advocating for them in various ways in order for criminal members of the Association to be excused from blame puts a question mark on government’s sincerity in bringing criminals to book. You can’t be treating criminals with kid gloves and expect them to change…”

He urged President Buhari to come up with a blueprint for solving security challenges facing the country.

“He should see the whole country as his and avoid lopsided appointments in government, especially the appointment of chief security officers… The preponderance of Fulani people at the corridor of power is what Obasanjo referred to as Fulanisation agenda.