Child Safety: Group holds workshop to create awareness in Lagos

A non governmental organisation has taken an innovative approach to educate parents, guardian and caregivers about ways to buildsecurity consciousness in children.

The goal of the seminar is to safeguard and protect children from vices in the society.

Students from different schools were brought together for this event which dwells on educating students on safety measures.

According to instructors, communication is key to safety practice anywhere in the world. Students are however taught to always be at alert and observant. The strategy of this exercise is to ‘Catch Them Young’, they say there is no better time to equip a child with right values than in their early ages.

The need for Parents to be involved with the welfare of their kids was also emphasised. The students are now equipped with enough information on safety.

As a fundamental responsibility, organisers belief the government should provide technical guidance, supervise and also implement child protection policy and awareness initiatives.