‘Shut Down Operations And Vacate Nigeria’, Niger Delta Republic Fighters Warn Oil Companies

A group called Niger Delta Republic Fighters has ordered all oil companies and multi-nationals operating in the Niger Delta to vacate the region from May 29, 2019.

The group said it will declare the Niger Delta Republic on the 1st of June, 2019.

The NDRF revealed what is to to befall the region in a press statement signed by Maj. Gen. Maxwell Dan and seen by SaharaReporters on Monday.

Maxwell Dan said: “After several months of consultations within and outside the shores of Nigeria on the collective wellbeing of the Niger Delta people in the Nigerian state, coupled with cruel persecution and selective maltreatment of the Niger Delta sons and daughters by Nigerian government over the years especially by the present administration of Muhamadu Buhari and his agents despite the huge contribution of the Niger Delta people to the sustenance of Nigeria. 

“We therefore take solace in the word of our patriarch – Isaac Boro, which states “…Today is a great day, not only in your lives but also in the history of the Niger Delta. Perhaps, it will be the greatest day for a very long time. 

“This is not because we are going to bring the heavens down, but because we are going to demonstrate to the world what and how we feel about oppression. Remember your 70-year-old grandmother who still farms before she eats; remember also your poverty-stricken people; remember, too, your petroleum which is being pumped out daily from your veins; and then fight for your freedom.” It is quite unfortunate that the story has not change till today, and we are standing on that declaration, we are standing on the declaration of the sovereign state of Niger Delta and we will declare ‘NIGER DELTA REPUBLIC’ on June 1st, 2019.

“It is a common fact that Nigeria has completely derailed from the path of peace, justice and progress as proclaimed by its founding fathers. 

“The selective maltreatment of the Niger Delta people became more clearer when President Buhari ordered police to ransack the house of Chief E. K. Clark in order to have blackmail the aged Niger Delta Leader and force him from agitating for the Niger Delta people. 

“As that could not pay off, the scavenger removed a Niger Delta son Mr. Mathew Seiyeifa the most qualified Director of DSS without any due process. Not satisfied with his cruel and selective onslaught against the Niger Delta people, the scavengers plotted again and remove our son – Justice Walter Onoghen from office on frivolous allegations without following due process neither was he given opportunity of fair hearing. 

“It is also unfortunate that after four years of this administration, there is no single viable project executed by the federal government in the Niger Delta despite the billions of Naira accrued to the government from the resources of the Niger Delta as a result of the cease fire in the region. 

“Most surprising is the unfounded allegations and counter allegations trailing the controversial 2019 Presidential elections, after committing such a day robbery fraud against the people, the central government of Nigeria could not manage the outcome but continue to blackmail decent characters in order to incarcerate them. It so unfortunate that Nigerians have witness the worse government since independence and the criminals derive joy in telling lies and deceiving populace while the streets of the cities and towns are flooded with innocent blood on daily basis. 

“The blood of innocent citizens is becoming alarming and it is clear that the government cannot protect the citizens, instead they continue to make unguarded statements without recourse to the safety of the people, it is a common fact the country is in siege and we cannot allow it to consume us.

“In the light of the above injustices, we therefore use this medium to warn and order all the multinational oil companies operating in the Niger Delta to shut down their operation and vacate the region from May 29, 2019 to avoid avoidable circumstances as we will declare the Niger Delta Republic on 1st June 2019. 

“All operations by Oil Companies in the Niger Delta is hereby ordered to stop from 29 May 2019, anyone we see in the oil platform, both onshore and offshore shall be treated as criminal. We therefore call on International Community to withdraw their citizens from the Niger Delta region on or before 1st June 2019 as their safety cannot be guaranteed neither are we ready to compromise our freedom any longer. 

“We have already recruited, trained and equip our freedom fighters for this purpose. Arms and other war materials has been bought and brought to Nigeria, immediately we commence action, Port Harcourt Airport would be shut down only our fighter jets would be permit to use the facility. 

“This war would consume them in Abuja and Lagos, there is no going back on this, we therefore call on all the Niger Delta citizens to return home as their safety is guarantee at home than anywhere else. 

“We are tired of being second class citizens in our land, the injustice has reach its peak. While we admonish our Elders and Leaders, particularly PANDEF to remain calm as we shall make further declarations and directive soon; however, our position on this issue cannot be compromised as injustice to one is injustice to all. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”