Dencia Defends Carpenter Caught with ‘Charms buried’ In His Shop

A viral video showing a man burying fetish items in his shop in order to attract more customers has sparked a debate on social media with a cross-section of users defending the act.

The Video also caught the attention of Cameroonian Singer and Entrepreneur, who also defended his actions hinting that people were ignorant and being hypocritical in matters of African traditional worship.

A popular twitter user who shared his thoughts on the issue wrote ;

This is a carpenter who, according to the news, was caught with “charms” buried in his own shop.

I have a few questions. You’re not obliged to answer, but these are questions I had in my head when I saw this video.

1) has he committed any crime by doing this?

2) if his intentions were to attract customers to his shop or business, what is the difference between what he has done and someone who mounts a rosary or an image of a God on his wall to attract and hope and pray for his or her business to grow and attract customers?

3) what’s the difference between what the carpenter did and those who use anointed handkerchiefs to cure ailments, raise the dead, heal the sick and hope to prosper?

4) if this carpenter believes that this “charm” will make his enemies fall and die, what is the difference between his belief and those who hold on to their religious books or symbols and they pray for their enemies to fall and die?

6) if you sue this carpenter to any court of competent jurisdiction, for allegedly possessing charms, will you successfully get a conviction?

In her reaction to the Gist, Dencia wrote ;

Y’all walk into Asian restaurants, nail shops, Hispanic ones with all type of juju looking things in front. They even feed these things but I don’t see y’all complaining about it. Let people believe in what they believe.