Picketing TCN: Abuja chapter shuns protest

Workers at the Transmission Company of Nigeria headquarters in Abuja today, continued with their jobs unhindered after the Trade Union Congress failed to lock them out.

The Branch President of the Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies, at the TCN , Abidemi Dairo said staff are not in support of the protest, because the National President of the Association mismanaged the union’s funds

The picketing was floored at the National headquarters of the Transmission Company Of Nigeria as workers were told to go about their work by the TCN Union.

But the president of the Trade Union Congress Bobboi Kaigama insisted that his members would not leave the premises until the management of the TCN sat with them to resolve the issues at the ministry of labour.

In order to ease the tensions raised, the managing director of TCN agreed to liase with the labour ministry.

This action was prompted by an alledged disagreement between the TCN union workers,the management of TCN and the Trade union Congress over the unlawful treatment of the Senior staff.