Firm launches campaign to roll back malaria

African Consumer Care Ltd (AFCC), a subsidiary of Dabur International Limited has launched Stop Malaria Campaign with their Odomos Mosquito repellent range.

The campaign sponsored to celebrate the World Malaria Day was held at Ojuwoye Market, Mushin, in conjunction with intern doctors and final year students of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Healthcare professionals sensitised the traders and consumer on prevention of malaria by reducing mosquito bites. They spoke on the role of repellent creams and Odomos in reducing the incidence of mosquito bites.

The campaign train gave away large quantities of Odomos Mosquito repellent creams.

According to the organisers, the campaign will be extended to a large number of schools in Lagos to educate students and provide them with free samples.

The AFCC team was lead by Head, Sub Sahara Africa, Dabur International, Mr. Sanjay Kashyap, Head, West Africa, Mr. Venkat Reddy and Head, Marketing, SSA, Mr. Mahbub Baset.