Ophelia has her eyes on Mrs SA

Ophelia Akorli

Ophelia Akorli is one of those women who never allowed growing up to stop her from living the fairy tale life she dreamt of since childhood.

The contest

Akorli has made it to the Top 100 list of the prestigious national competition. Mrs SA is a women empowerment program that brings together women from all over South Africa, aged between 25 and 50 years.

The pageant has been running for 15 years and 2019 saw the largest number of entries in the history of the pageant.

Happy family

On June 28 the semi-finalists will be reduced to 25 who will go to the finals in November. ”I entered the competition because I wanted to allow myself to think differently and to fiercely go for my dreams without being apologetic about my success.

”I also wanted to fight for my own place in life and to find my voice as a capable woman,” explained Akorli.

She also expresses how this journey is preparing her for her next role in life, as she wants to grow and challenge herself to the limit.

Ophelia on her Honours graduation ceremony.

Professional and family

Ophelia graduated with an honours degree in economics from the University of Johannesburg in March and says she plans to continue to grow academically.

The pageant queen is currently a financial review manager at Absa and has been married for nine years to her prince charming and businessman, Adam Arkoli.

The pair are based in Randburg and are blessed with two kids, Edem (8) and Michelle (5).

Edem, Evans, Micchelle and Ophelia.

The couple met in 2007 at Wits while she was a second year student and he already had his own IT company and was there to further his studies.

“I knew this man was my husband when he sold his car to pay off for my study fees in my last year of varsity while we were still dating,” she said with gratitude.

The semi-finalist says she enjoys adventure and travelling. ”I love adventure, and like trying new things.

Ophelia sky-diving.

For instance, two years ago I went sky diving with my husband.

I love travelling to new places, we’ve travelled to Ghana, Mauritius, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Dubai.

I enjoy quad biking, horse riding and anything that has to do with nature. For me even participating in Mrs South Africa pageant is an adventure of a life time. A story I will live to tell forever,” she concluded.

Evans and Ophelia Akorli.

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