Sonia Morales Confirms That Her Marriage to IK Ogbonna is Over

Sonia Morales is no longer married to IK Ogbonna.

This socialite confirmed this during a chat with her fans who wanted clarification following rumours that her marriage to actor IK Ogbonna hit the rocks.

Recall that the rumour surfaced earlier this year after Sonia hinted that they were over; she deleted all their photos together, stopped showing off her ring, and reverted to her maiden name.

She also posted a note saying that all she has now is her son Ace. “Dare to choose happiness over irrelevant, empty norm,” she wrote.

Shortly after, Ogbonna wrote his own post, saying that most marriages are fake. “Our generation must change their approach to marriage for the sake of the next generation. This is not just for me as an individual but for those who need it,” he wrote, adding, “90% of marriages are unhappy and wear fake smiles and pretend to be happy while depression is the case.”

Now Sonia has told fans who cared to know about her status that she is all by herself now. “I’m in a very personal relationship with myself. The best I’ve ever had,” she said.

And it was all the confirmation her fans needed to close the matter. See the post below:

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