Ikechukwu Speaks About Police Brutality and What He Would Do if Assaulted

Ikechukwu Onunaku has taken to his Instagram to speak against the disturbing and horrible trend of police brutality in Nigeria.

The actor-rapper shared a clip which shows the moment some officers of the Nigerian Police force assaulted an unidentified man, with a caption telling folks what would happen if he ever is in that position.

“When I say this I really mean it, the day these type of individuals run into me I might end up dying that day,” he said, adding, “My God, I beg u please cos I will disarm that fool and shoot him with his own gun. I swear on it.”

He further called on authorities to step in and call the officers to order. “If u powers that be can’t do what is necessary then step the fuck outta office and outta the way and allow people who are about change and fairness and rules and regulations and proper protocols and due process take ur place.”

And he said more.

See the post below: