Anita and Paul Okoye Celebrate Their Son Andre As He Turns Six

Happy birthday to Andre Okoye, the son of Anita and Paul Okoye.

The young son of the singer and entrepreneurial businesswoman just turned six years old, and his proud parents have taken to their social media to share his latest photos and also to wish him well.

“Andre you are my lucky charm, my strong yet caring, super intelligent boy! I love you so much and I love how much you love and care for everyone around you,” said the proud mum.

Adding, “You pray for everyone you come across and although your prayer sessions are so long sometimes, it shows how much of a kind and beautiful soul you are!! At such a young age you inspire me!! Happy birthday to the sweetest boy a mother could ask for!”

And she said a lot more.

Scroll to see his photos and her message:

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